The covid 19 pandemic has had unprecedented effects on governments and livelihoods of individuals, families and communities.  In Ghana, humanitarian emergencies like Covid-19 have once again brought to the country’s ability to independently roll out national agenda when it matters most. This is important to social workers because individuals cannot live sustainable, fulfilled lives unless they are interdependently connected in a social framework. Our community cultures of care and self-help spirits as Ghanaians serve as the most enduring social protection mechanism. It also illustrates how professionals such as social workers continue to facilitate relationships within communities, supporting social services to lead to social cohesion for better outcomes for the vulnerable. In the wake of the pandemic, we heard transformative stories including the story of a landlady in the country who waived the rent of a tenant as her contribution in mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on her tenant. Secondly, within a couple of weeks through the private sector led initiative, there was a plan to mobilize and construct a 100 bed-capacity infectious diseases centre, the first of its kind in the Country. Individuals, Religious Bodies, Commence and Industries, generously contributed their quotas to the National Covid-19 Relief Fund which is helping tremendously in the national response efforts.  The provision of the basic needs of the vulnerable in our societies particular during the lockdown periods was indeed lifesaving. These, and many other initiatives epitomises the social solidarity of the Ghanaian when it matters most.  Social solidarity, therefore, offers sustainable pathways to empowerment, engagement and discoveries of new possibilities for social protection. This is one of the reasons why the theme for the celebration “Ubuntu- I am because We are’’ with emphasis on covid-19 is appropriate. As a profession, Social Work actively supports the development of systems and programmes to reduce poverty and alleviate suffering, it builds families, communities and strengthens solidarity between people among others. Through these and many other social solidarity initiatives, social workers are building relationships between communities, Religious and Community-Based Organizations, Social Welfare Services and Government Departments so that, together we can more effectively identify current and future vulnerabilities within Ghanaian Social Structure for collective actions to be taken. All too often however top-down social protection systems and governmental policies overlook family and community. They inadvertently replace these organic systems of care with programmes that over time, strip people of the intergenerational knowledge and wisdom that has supported their wellbeing for so long.  This is important because presently, social work practice settings in Ghana like other parts of the world are often frustrating- helping here and there but never enough in their eyes or in the eyes of the public. This is partly due to underfunding and high caseloads and inadequate staffing. It is therefore imperative that as a nation, through thoughtful and purposeful planning we give due consideration to the role of social workers in designing and implementing interventions. There should be adequate responses to social and humanitarian consequences of pandemics.  This can be done by making more practical and effective use of social workers in alleviating the strains and stresses such occurrences have on people due to social disruption.  Above all addressing social cohesion and creating protective environments that promote, healthy development and safe communities is highly recommended. As the world celebrates social work day, Ghanaian Social Workers are eager to see the promulgation into law, the Social Work Council Bill since the absence of a definite regulatory framework undermines professional accountability and social welfare service provision particularly in crisis and humanitarian emergencies. To all Social Workers in Ghana and the World at Large, We say Ayeeko…… Indeed, we   are Because You are.  Ubuntu.