Social Work since the 1940s ranks as one of the early professions in Ghana and has since been entrenched into the social structure of the Ghanaian society. Social work promotes social change and the liberation of individuals and groups to enhance wellbeing utilizing theories of human behavior and social systems and relying heavily on the principles of human rights and social justice.

From the above perspectives it became imperative for leading social workers; Professor Nana Apt of the University of Ghana and her colleagues from the Department of Social Welfare to rally those engaged in social work to approach their work with a sense of vocation which results only from a dedication to a profession with a succinct code of ethics.


Ghana Association of Social Workers (GASOW) is a body corporate limited by guarantee and comprises trained and practicing social workers from all fields of the social work profession. It is a member of the International Federation of Social Workers headquartered in Berne-Switzerland and has served on various committees at the national and international levels. We promote best social work practices and ethical standards as well as the protection of member social workers.